Reflection about how science has an impact on a social context in nowadays society.

DNA has advanced since it was first identified by scientists, nowadays this advances have increase as technology has been improved, this means the analysis of DNA is even better. As an example of this we can use the genetic modified organisms which are also known as GMO’s, the correct definition for this abbreviation is “organisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally” (, 2015), as we can see organisms are being modified these can be referred to animals and food, “the process of forcing genes from one species into another entirely unrelated species”(GMO Awareness, 2011). Therefore GMOs convey a new idea of the use of these in human daily life.

At the end of these we would understand the impact of GMOs in the social context of nowadays society. GMOs have been implemented in food, but how can we be a hundred percent secure that these are not going to affect any human life organism? It’s true that medicine and technology have advanced but there have always been doubts of what may happen if there is something wrong, as this may affect our human bodies if they are not modified correctly, there could be a pandemic disease if GMOs are not correctly done, which is why it creates a danger in society as it would be a  threat to human raze. 

GMOs in corn, for example are made by; “Corn + DNA from soil bacteria that is naturally immune to RoundUp herbicide + e.coli bacteria + soil bacteria that causes tumors in plants (which enables the plant’s cell wall to be breached) = RoundUp Ready Corn (one of several RoundUp Ready crops engineered by Monsanto)” (GMO Awareness, 2011) this is a modified food that has been sent into the market, and it has been accepted by many people who believe that this would regulate their digestive system, as well as there are other people that believe this is a threat. As we are not perfect we can’t assure the security of the food that has been modified which is why the real question is until which extend does genetic modified organisms are safe for human raze?

Finally we could say that there are certified GMO laboratories which have been testing this in animals, but how can we be sure that the testing in animals will have the same effect on the human body? There are many questions from people to this option as they don’t want to risk their life’s with the use of these as any simple mistake could bring a pandemic disease that not only can finish with human raze, but with all living organisms. In my personal opinion I wouldn’t trust so much in technology because as we are not perfect we can’t assure safety from these, which brings up a whole of debatable questions in which society are involved in order to get to know the effectiveness of the genetic modified organisms.


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